Costa Rica

Life less ordinary

Life on Divinity is a departure from the ordinary, an escape from the expected, and a sparkling reflection of balance in every facet of our life. For those who call Divinity home, the most significant opportunities are the ones that set the resort apart from other mindful travel destinations. We embrace the duality of restfulness and effort, taking cues from the changing tides and the vivid glow of the rising and setting sun. On our rugged yet indulgent island, a juxtaposition of traditional values and a forward-thinking, pioneering spirit invite balance in everything we do. Our solitude is as important as our interconnectedness; tradition and innovation are both revered; convenience is as valuable as industriousness; and our time of respite is just as meaningful as our work.

Observe and experience the harmonious lifestyle of our breathtaking sourrounding nature, a mindful travel destination where tailored luxury and natural beauty are seamlessly interwoven. Here, the results of human effort and earthly cycles are showcased side by side, exemplifying the importance of balance in all things.

All-Inclusive Villa

Low density by design

On Divinity, the features we’ve chosen to omit matter just as much as what’s included as part of our resort experience. Our narrow, unpaved dirt roads allow for effortless exploration, while preventing unnecessary destruction and development known to damage fragile ecosystems. We intentionally balance luxury amenities with authentic experiences, creating a lifestyle that centers resilience and stability – not only in our natural environment, but in our way of life, our investments, and the community we are building for future generations. With a long-term commitment to environmental preservation at our core, we are actively working to implement standards that will protect the area’s lush flora and majestic fauna. As we revel in the endless recreation opportunities they provide, the area’s slow-paced lifestyle allows us to be more mindful of how important it is to protect this remote paradise.

Explore the breathtaking jungle

Caretakers of Divinity

Our growing community is composed of individuals and families of diverse backgrounds, brought together by shared values, goals, and ambitions. Owners, guests, and team members alike are drawn to what the wild jungle represents: the raw, untapped potential, the opportunity for endless exploration, and the importance of balance. Individually, each group plays a different role in empowering our plans for the future. Collectively, we are the caretakers of the jungle, tasked with protecting the wildlife, maintaining pristine coastlines, and offsetting our impact, where possible. Positioned at the Southwest corner of Costa Rica, the costline is surrounded by turquoise waters and a massive jungle so brilliant that it can be seen from space. As Divinity continues to grow and flourish, we believe that the merits of this community-driven spirit will radiate just as brightly.