Global Luxury Living Ownership

Own without the weight of worry

Introducing Divinity, the epitome of all inclusive luxury living ownership. With the privilege of residing up to 7 exquisite weeks per year in this sanctuary, you can escape the mundane and bask in unparalleled grandeur. Our dedicated team, including a private chef, ensures that your every need is met, allowing you to truly relax without concern for maintenance or daily necessities. Divinity offers nothing short of the finest conditions—simply arrive and be instantly enveloped in lavish comfort. We take personalization to new heights, meticulously tailoring your stay down to the arrangement of your clothing and home amenities. Experience the apex of opulent living in Divinity, where luxury comes without the weight of worry.

Own and indulge

All Inclusive Luxury Living

The allure of owning a luxurious residence often comes with the complex burden of hefty ongoing expenses—ranging from maintenance and insurance to taxes and property management. Our ownership model invites not only the affluent but also aspiring individuals to experience the luxury of having a second or even third vacation home. With our Global Luxury Living Ownership Program, you possess a long-term asset that is fully transferable, yet free from the complications of full-time ownership and the anxiety of filling vacant weeks to balance the books.

Seize the opportunity to live your dream now—when you have reached the pinnacle of success and can still relish in its delights.

Indulge Without Guilt

Owning a share in one of our Global Luxury Living Program is akin to an exclusive selection of the finest chocolates—each piece offers a unique experience of unparalleled luxury. Savor the world’s most sought-after destination(s), all while holding the keys to your own sumptuous villa, available at a fraction of the conventional cost.

Divinity represents the perfect equilibrium in today’s luxury real estate landscape. Enjoy all the privileges of an enduring asset, and relish in the extravagant comforts of your home, without the burden of exorbitant initial investments or continual expenses. It’s the epitome of having your own slice of opulence and indulging in it too—absolutely guilt-free.

Ultimate Luxury, Tailored for You

Step into the realm of unparalleled luxury at Divinity, where every moment is curated to indulge your finest sensibilities. From your arrival via private flight charter to your departure chauffeured in exclusive vehicles, we leave no stone unturned. Awaiting you at your opulent villa are a private chef and mixologist, prepared to tantalize your palate with gourmet delights and artful cocktails. But the lavishness doesn’t end there—you’ll also have access to your very own on-site spa, allowing you to rejuvenate your body and soul without ever having to step outside your sanctuary. With Luxury Living Ownership, experience a life of grandeur replete with the ultimate in personalized, all-inclusive services.

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