Canadian Chef Derek Allen is
The True Star at Divinity All Inclusive Villa

Born and raised in Montreal, Quebec, the third of five children, Chef Derek Allen found his calling at a very young age. He would sit on his mother’s kitchen counter watching her knead bread, and as he got older, he would stand beside her cooking, encouraging her to experiment with new ingredients. He was enamoured and his passion for cooking became evident well before he turned eight.

A well traveled celebrity chef

While working for many small restaurants as a line cook; he would do anything to be in the kitchen. His desire and ambition to be a chef was surmounting, so he enrolled himself in Montreal’s Pius Culinary Institute.

He managed his cooking career, while at the same time putting himself through school. He graduated with top honors. After graduation he was very much in demand and hired on at a professional level.

His skills have taken him to Executive Chef at some of Montreal’s top hotels, and five-star restaurants but his yearning to travel and see the world would lead him on an adventure that some can only dream about.

Leaving Montreal, he decided to take this journey to the high seas while working for a few of the largest cruise lines in the world. His talent and personable nature ranked him high amongst his superiors.

His creativity and artistic eye became evident as he developed and incorporated menus for the cruise ship’s fine dining restaurants.
While travelling and seeing almost every country in the world Chef Derek has developed a taste and interest in the many cultures and cuisines.

An unparalleled culinary innovator

Chef Derek never stops learning. He loves travel and has been given the opportunity through this wonderful career to develop his art.
On any given day Chef Derek can be found with paper in hand creating menus and experimenting with new flavours, while developing an artistic presentation.